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The Wonders of Wool Rugs

If you’re familiar with handmade rugs, you know that wool is by far and away the best material for rug-making.  Wool rugs are the most durable and they become even more beautiful in the course of normal wear. Generally, a good handmade wool rug will outlast a synthetic machine made rug by at least 50 years.

Wool is durable, great for washing, lasts decades and withstands wear and tear. A periodic rug cleaning (recommended every one-three years depending on amount of foot traffic) will enhance your rugs, bringing out the richness and softness of the wool.

Moreover, it is much easier to get a stain out of a wool rug compared to other materials used in rug making. A wool rug will look brand new again after a regular wash from a professional rug cleaner. 

Wool rugs will last for many years and are the best for withstanding foot traffic. They’re great at absorbing spills and can always be repaired and altered by a professional.  Oftentimes, a quality wool rug will gain more beauty after use.

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