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Storing Your Rugs – Top Tips

When storing your rug(s), it’s important to follow the correct steps in order to maintain their condition and good looks. In this post, we outline the top tips for storing your rugs.

Generally, Persian and oriental rugs should be stored either rolled or flat. It’s okay to keep your rug folded for 1-2 weeks but if storing for long periods of time, keeping the rug folded will result in visible creases.

Prior to storing your rug away, carefully inspect it to make sure it is free of moths. For storage, always choose a cool, dry place. Moths are attracted to wool and look for dark, moist places to lay their eggs.

Ideally, if you have large sheets of clean plastic or a large sheet of brown paper, you can use either of these to wrap around your rug. Once your rug has been stored, make sure to periodically check for moths, especially during the summer time. From time to time, unroll your rug, inspect it and let it get some fresh air. 

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