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Rug Tips

  • How Do I Know If My Rug Is Handmade?

    Have you ever wondered how to tell whether a rug is handmade? It’s actually not as difficult as some may think. For this blog post, we thought we’d share some of the easy tips and tricks that are commonly used. A quick test to see if a rug is handmade is to turn it upside down and examine the back. If you can’t see the pattern as clearly as on Read More

  • Handmade Rugs On A Budget

    Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to spend an arm and a leg to get yourself a nice handmade rug. Quality handmade rugs are available within almost any budget – it’s just a matter of knowing where to look and what to look for.  If you’re looking for a traditional Persian or oriental rug, there are plenty of good “entry-level” options within the $500 limit. Every week, we’re selling Read More

  • The Wonders of Wool

    If you’re familiar with handmade rugs, you know that wool is by far and away the best material for rug-making.  Wool rugs are the most durable and they become even more beautiful in the course of normal wear. Generally, a good handmade wool rug will outlast a synthetic machine made rug by at least 50 years. Wool is durable, great for washing, lasts decades and withstands wear and tear. A periodic Read More

  • Machine Washable Rugs

    When it comes to cleaning your rugs, the best practice is to vacuum regularly and pay a visit to your local professional cleaner every one-three years. With our new washable rugs, you can now clean your rugs at home. Our 100% cotton machine washable rugs are handmade and can be washed at home in a conventional washing machine.   Light and easy to clean, they’re available in a wide variety Read More