Popular Types of Persian Rugs

By Kasra Rahimi

April 16, 2019

When it comes to Persian rugs, there are dozens of designs available. In this post I’ll outline some of the more popular types of Persian rugs with pictures and descriptions.

Ardebil – One of the oldest Persian rugs, made in the ancient city of Ardebil in Northwestern Iran. Ardebil rugs are made with a wool pile on a cotton foundation and generally include a center medallion with stylish patterns.


Bakhtiari – These tribal rugs are known for their durability and rich designs. They’re made with a strong wool pile on a cotton foundation and often feature shades of red, rust, blue and cream. Originally woven by nomadic Bakhtiari tribes, nowadays most authentic Bakhtiari rugs are woven in Bakhtiari settled communities in Western parts of Iran.


Bijar – Bijar rugs are one of the strongest and most durable Persian rugs. They are always very firmly and closely knotted. Typically made with a strong, hand-spun wool pile on a cotton foundation. Bijar rugs are rich in both design and tradition. They often feature geometric patterns with diamond-shaped medallions as well as navy blue and red tones.

Gholtogh – Gholtogh rugs are made in a village north of Bijar, towards western Iran. These rugs are woven in smaller sizes and often feature a strong geometric medallion. They’re usually very tightly woven with a wool pile on a cotton foundation.

 Hamedan – The town of Hamedan has been a rug-center for several hundreds of years. Hamedan rugs often come in small sizes and typically have a large central field as well as geometric patterns. Commonly made of wool knotted onto a firm cotton foundation.

Heriz – Heriz is a design produced by the city of Heriz, and the villages surrounding it, in Northwestern Iran. Heriz rugs are one of the more well-known and sought-after Persian rugs today. Made with wool on a cotton foundation, they often feature a geometric design with rusty tones. 

Isfahan – The city of Isfahan has been producing fine rugs for centuries and is one of the most famous rug weaving cities in all of Iran. Isfahan rugs are one of the finest, well-known and highly regarded Persian rugs. They’re often made with a wool and silk pile on a silk foundation and feature softer, lighter tones.

Kashan – One of the most popular and well-known Persian rugs. These rugs are firmly woven with a dense wool pile on a cotton foundation. They often have floral designs with red and navy blue tones and a center medallion. Kashan rugs can be found in many homes in Iran.

Kerman – The large town of Kerman is located in the South of Iran. The rugs from this region are typically dense and strong, with a lustrous pile of fine wool on a cotton foundation. They foten feature a center medallion, floral patterns or a solid/plain central field.

Naeen – The city of Naeen, in central Iran, began producing fine carpets sometime around 1940. These fine rugs usually have a wool and silk pile on a cotton foundation. They often have a cream or ivory background with blue tones. Naeen rugs are of of the most distinguished rugs made in Iran.

Qum – One of the finest and most luxurious Persian rugs. The town of Qum is one of the oldest in Iran. These very fine rugs are often made with a silk pile on a silk foundation. They’re very densely knotted and have a high number of knots per square inch. Some of the finest 100% silk rugs come from this region.

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Sarough – The town of Sarough is located southwest of Tehran, the Iranian capital. Sarough rugs feature rich designs and are made with wool on a cotton foundation. These rugs are typically densely knotted and are known as one of the most durable Persian rugs.

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Tabriz – The city of Tabriz, in North-Western Iran, has been one of the principal centers of rug-making for a long time. Tabriz rugs are very well regarded in Iran and are known are one of the finer Persian rugs. Common designs in Tabriz rugs include a center medallion, as well as floral, hunting or animal patterns. The finest Tabriz rugs are made with a combination of wool and silk.

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