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Handmade vs Machine Made Rugs

Oftentimes, we’re asked about the real difference between handmade and machine-made rugs. With so many options available in the market today, we think that it’s important to understand what sets these rugs apart.

Over recent years, synthetic machine-made rugs have become more popular. The main pro with these rugs is that they come at a lower price-point.  Remember, a machine-made rug costs next to nothing to make. The fibers are essentially poor quality plastic and there is little to no labour required in the production process.

They’re made with synthetic materials, such as polypropylene, which do not wear well or last long. As a result, these rugs become dull over a short period of time and are prone to yellowing. Therefore, they may initially cost less but it’s important to keep in mind the repeated cleaning and replacement costs.


Generally, a handmade Persian or oriental carpet will outlast a machine-made carpet rug by fifty years or more. The most common and best material in handmade rugs is wool; it is natural, durable, can be vacuumed, professionally washed and is great with wear and tear and absorbing spills. Wool is also much softer to walk on compared to the synthetic materials in machine-made rugs.

In most cases, handmade rugs actually become more beautiful after use. A good handmade rug will age like fine wine. They do a great job of withstanding foot traffic and can be professionally washed as needed. On the other hand, machine-made rugs are not good for high traffic areas or when it comes to absorbing spills.

A good, handmade rug can be found within almost any budget. Oftentimes, a handmade rug can be purchased for just a bit more than it’s machine-made counterpart – the key is to know your options and shop around accordingly.


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