Area Rugs in Canada

By Kasra Rahimi

June 1, 2020

If you’re looking for area rugs in Canada, you’re in the right place. For nearly thirty years now, Kasra Persian Rugs has been one of the leading suppliers of handmade area rugs in Canada. We specialize in handmade area rugs of all types, from vintage and antique Persian rugs to bespoke and modern rugs. Nowadays, there’s a range of options when it comes to area rugs: different designs, materials and qualities. In this article, I’ll outline some of the benefits of natural area rugs as compared to other options in the market.

Quality vs Looks
You don’t have to compromise looks for quality. Whether you’re looking for a modern rug or prefer something transitional or traditional, there are plenty of good options for area rugs.

Rule number one: stick with handmade rugs. That means hand-knotted, handloom or hand tufted rugs. Generally, hand-knotted rugs are at the top of the list in terms of quality, followed by handloom and hand tufted, which are more affordable alternatives. Hand-knotted rugs are woven knot-by-knot, which can take months, depending on the piece. Although done my hand, handloom and hand tufted rugs typically don’t take as long as to make, and as such can be found at slightly lower price points. You’ll be able to find a wide range of area rug designs in these qualities, from traditional Persian and oriental rugs to more transitional and modern rugs.

Rule number two: wool is the best material for rug-making. That doesn’t mean that other materials aren’t any good, but wool is by far and away the best option. Wool is a natural, renewable resource. Compared to other materials, it lasts the longest, is the best for handling foot traffic, withstanding general wear and tear, as well as any spills and stains. Wool rugs are also the best for rug cleaning – a professional rug cleaning every one-three years will have your area rug looking good as new again. To learn more about the benefits of wool rugs, you can read our article The Wonders of Wool.

Rug Cleaning Vaughan

You should be able to find a good wool rug is most styles, whether you’re looking for something traditional, transitional or a modern rug. At times, more so in modern rugs, you may find combinations of bamboo silk or viscose, which is fine. These materials are used for that added softness and sheen you see in some modern rugs. Although not as good as wool, there’s no major issues with having small blends of these materials in a modern rug. This is necessary to obtain that plush and/or shiny effect that some desire.

Summary/Things To Remember:

Quality area rugs can be found in any style: traditional rugs, transitional rugs, and modern rugs

-Handmade rugs are the best quality – you can find them in any of the styles listed above

-Wool is the best material for rug-making

-Combinations of viscose and/or bamboo silk are sometimes required to obtain the sheen and plush quality of modern rugs

-Avoid rugs made from polypropylene, polyester and other plastic materials

-Handmade wool rugs are the most durable and are the best option for withstanding foot traffic, spills and stains

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