Area Rug Cleaning Toronto

By Kasra Rahimi

October 10, 2019

(Traditional rug washing in Iran. via Nat Geo)

Over the years, we’ve aimed to provide one of the finest area rug cleaning services in Toronto and the Greater Toronto area. Our rug cleaning experts have accumulated a wealth of knowledge over the years, which we’ll share in this post.

If taken care of, a good handmade rug will last decades. A major part of caring for your rug includes periodically taking it in for a professional rug cleaning. Generally, a professional rug cleaning is recommended every one to three years, depending on the amount of foot traffic.

Owners of wool rugs are often pleasantly surprised with the results after a good rug cleaning. A good rug cleaning will enhance your carpets, bringing out the richness of colour and softness of the wool. It will remove dirt and grit from the pile of your rug and will also leave the fringes looking new again. If the fringes on your rug have started to go, this can easily be repaired.

For cleaning, always take your rug to a specialist. A handmade rug should never be steam cleaned. A proper rug cleaning requires both skill and experience, as well as the proper equipment. There are different cleaning processes and techniques depending on the quality of rug, but an experienced professional will know exactly how to handle each unique piece. If your rug is stained and requires further treatment, there’s a separate process for stain removal.

Between washes, you can maintain and care for your rug at home by vacuuming it regularly (once a month is fine). For spills and stains, you can refer to our article Taking Care of Your Rug.

Our rug cleaning service typically takes about a week from start to finish. This allows enough time for washing and drying prior to final inspection. We also offer pick-up and delivery for rug cleaning in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area. 

You can learn more about our Toronto area rug cleaning services here.

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