Handmade Rugs On A Budget

By Kasra Rahimi

July 29, 2019

In this post, I’ll provide some tips for finding affordable handmade rugs on a budget. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to spend an arm and a leg to get yourself a nice handmade rug. Quality handmade rugs are available within almost any budget – it’s just a matter of knowing where to look and what to look for.

 If you’re looking for a traditional Persian or oriental rug, there are plenty of good “entry-level” options within the $500 limit. Every week, we’re selling affordable handmade rugs within this price range. These rugs are a great option if you’re just starting out on your journey into the world of handmade rugs. Typically, these rugs will be of an older vintage, include less knots per square inch and will usually come in smaller sizes (i.e. 2′ x 3′ – 5′ x 7′). Still, even an “entry-level” handmade rug is far better than the alternative qualities out there.

Once you’ve established your budget, you can start looking at your local shops to see what options are available within your price range. When buying a rug, it’s usually preferable to do so in person. Buying a rug online can sometimes be tricky as the colours don’t always look the same in pictures. Also, it’s important to touch a rug to get a feel for the wool and pile density. If buying from a local shop, you can take the rug back for a professional cleaning or repairs as needed over the years. The owner(s) of a reputable shop will always be glad to look after their clients.

We recommend doing a quick Google search to see if there’s any reputable area rug shops near you. If not, you can still opt to purchase online but make sure it’s from an experienced company and that you’ve seen good pictures of the rug that interests you. Always make sure to get details like the dimensions, materials and region of the rug.

Remember, when shopping for a handmade Persian or oriental rug, there’s always a great ‘bang for your buck’ deal out there. It’s just a matter of knowing where to look and what to look for. Since 1992, we’ve been providing affordable rug options within Toronto and the GTA.

To summarize, here’s our check-list of things to keep in mind:

-Establish your budget – lots of very good, quality handmade rugs are available within almost any budget

-Look for a reputable shop near you

-Entry level handmade rugs = much better option than machine-made rugs

-There’s plenty of ‘bang for your buck’ deals out there

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